Artist’s Statement

I consider all of my work to be figurative in nature, whether I am drawing the human body or what I consider to be extensions or our earthly form. Arms and hands are our given implements but tools and machines are all extensions of our original intentions. Knee joints, roller chains, pillow blocks, or cartilage, I find them all part of the same mechanism.

These machines can achieve what our minds can conceive but our bodies cannot manifest. Some people are easily represented by an image, an icon, or a tool. A character can be a wrench, or a frown, or a bad pair of shoes.

These are the things that motivate and haunt me. I cannot meet a person, see someone across a room or witness a conversation take place, where my mind does not assign some symbolic element to their actions.

Biographical Information

Todd Barricklow was born in the San Fernando Valley of southern California in June of 1969. He is the eldest son of two. His parents were marionette making school teachers and long time vendors at the renaissance fair.

Encouraged in the arts from an early age, he attended a humanities magnet high school where he started working in ceramics and drawing. He continued his education at Sonoma State University where he graduated with distinction in 1992. He was an Artist in Residence in the Arts/Industry Program at the Kohler Company in Wisconsin in 1999.

He shows regularly and works from his studio and home in Santa Rosa, where he works in Ceramics, Printmaking and Metal.